Scottish Heritage Society of the South

The Scottish Heritage of the South, Ltd. was formed in Marietta, Georgia in August 2018. It’s mission is spelled out in the Mission Statement. Our goal is to provide everyone a Clan experience, and provide our members with information about their Scottish heritage. While we cannot provide specific information about individual genealogical research, we strive to assist in providing information, and suggestions about research opportunities. Our goal is to make our members aware of traditions, histories and the culture of the Scots, today and past.

We invite our members to participate in the Society be accepting leadership roles in the Society, assisting in our tents at events, and to participate in Society sponsored events. We solicit your input to our newsletter. Articles, photos, recipes, information about events, past and future, anything of general interest. They may be submitted by email addressed to editor, at our address.

Our Mission

It is our mission to encourage those of Scottish descent to embrace their heritage, to learn the history, the traditions, and the ceremonies of Scotland, by sharing information about that heritage through or newsletter, social media, seminars, public and civil events, and Scottish themed events and festivals. It is our goal to provide a “Clan Experience” to those of Scottish descent who do not have access to a clan. We welcome all to be a part of our ‘Clan’.