The Scottish Heritage Society of the South was formed to provide A “Clan Experience” to those of Scottish descent and name but do not have an active Clan structure. The Society allows its members to have a place at Festivals, Gatherings, and Games venues to call their ‘home’, to join with familiar faces and people with like interests.

Through our regularly published newsletter the Society will provide informational, educational articles, news, and coming events. We use the latest services on social media to communicate with our membership

What we Provide….

The Society will provide programs of interest to those who have the desire to know more of Scottish culture, featuring well-known guests who have expertise in Scottish history and culture. Some of these programs will be focused on our youth by building programs that can be presented in a classroom environment. The Society will have a high profile exposure in holiday, civic, and cultural events.

Join with us. Embrace and be a part of your Scottish heritage. Complete the application and be a part of a group that you can call “YOUR CLAN”.

Click here for your application.